Frosty Winter Morning

Frost2Feb13#127EUnder the right conditions, a bitterly cold winter morning  can provide some magical scenes, especially detailed close-ups. Moist air (and soil), subzero night-time temperatures and bright skies led to these shots of feathery, white frost formations, one on a puddle, the other on the twig of a bur oak tree.

FrostBurOak2Feb13#129EThe photographic window is all too fleeting though: I like the effect of sunlight on white frost, but the added warmth destroys the subject right before your eyes! 

Photos by NB Hunter, 2013       


4 thoughts on “Frosty Winter Morning

  1. Nick, this is so wonderful! your keen attention and skill with the camera are delightful!! I will be following your blog and hope too that you will consider a “one man show” of your nature photography!

  2. Love this site, Nick. Not only are the photographs fantastic, but the notes that follow offer so much information about the animals or site you captured. The viewer can learn things about them they didn’t know before. I particularly liked the photo of the frost on a puddle. I think that has a great possiblility for a photo exhibition!

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