Frosty Fruit

My interest in detailed landscapes and foreground objects was influenced by my work. Teaching the identification of woody plants – trees, shrubs and vines – requires it. Close examination of leaves, twigs, buds, flowers, fruit and bark is a critical step in the deductive process of identifying plants in the field. Now hiking with a camera rather than students, that interest persists.


Sugar maple leaf in early December

With the exception of the rose fruit (late October snowstorm), these photos were taken in December and January.




Common Buckthorn, native of Europe and Asia, naturalized in eastern U.S.


Highbush Cranberry, also American Cranberrybush Viburnum


Larch cones


Multiflora Rose, Asia, invasive


Wild apple

All photos by NB Hunter, 2010 – 2012


2 thoughts on “Frosty Fruit

  1. I really like these! I have a couple of detailed landscapes taken while flyfishing in MI. These little life vignettes are a prize!

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