Bird Sightings in Early April

April roared in with lake-effect snow, wind and bone-chilling temperatures. I couldn’t help but wonder, and worry, about the fate of migrating birds like the Woodcock that I accidentally flushed during the storm. Two days of stormy weather finally gave way  to sun, blue skies and temperatures above freezing. This post documents random bird sightings during that three-day period of weather extremes.


A pair of Mallards feeding during a lake-effect snowstorm (1 of 2)



A Cooper’s Hawk with its prey, one of a flock of 20–30 “blackbirds” that were visiting a bird-feeding site during the lake-effect snow storm.


Common Redpoll near a feeder


Mourning Doves at a feeding site


One of a pair of Canada Geese staking claim to a nesting territory


A pair of Hooded Mergansers at rest near the bank of a small, historic canal waterway


Turkey Vulture searching the fields and roadsides for carrion.

All photos by NB Hunter

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