Swallows in the Sun

The opportunity to observe the natural behavior of wild animals, unaltered by your presence, is one of the more delightful and rewarding experiences that a nature lover can have. I recently had such an experience with a pair of Tree Swallows.

The morning was unseasonably cold, just above freezing, with sun and a clear, blue sky. The swallows were perched on a young tree in a meadow, warming and preening in the sun. They’re insect-eaters that feed like bats, on the wing, so one could also assume that they were killing time, waiting for the bugs to warm up and become active.


This post is in loving memory of my parents and all of the special people that I’ve known who would have enjoyed my blog and most definitely “liked” this post. They would have smiled with a look of deep satisfaction too, knowing that they had helped clear the trail that made this possible.

All photos by NB Hunter


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