Finch Metamorphosis

The male Goldfinches are brilliant yellow now in their breeding plumage, an amazing transformation from the drab, gray and gray-olive colors of both the males and females in the winter. When I was young we called them “Wild Canaries”.


They like brushy, weedy fields, where they’ll nest later in the summer when seeds are available. Now, with their conspicuous coloration and undulating flight pattern, they’re easily spotting in these habitats.

These photos were taken in early spring, at a thistle seed feeder. Except for a Pine Siskin in the background in the fourth photo, all are Goldfinches.






All photos by NB Hunter

5 thoughts on “Finch Metamorphosis

    • Thank you! Comments like yours inspire me as well. Right now I’m battling swarms of nasty little biting Black Flies in the field and every bit of encouragement helps!

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