Mother’s Day Treat: Grosbeaks

Talking about favorites in the natural world is a bit like asking a parent to name a favorite child. However, if pressed to say which backyard songbird I enjoy seeing and photographing the most, my answer might be the Rose-breasted Grosbeak.


We’ve seen them for a few days at the feeders, this year and last, but have gone years with no backyard sightings. We’re well within their summer breeding range and have suitable second-growth woodland and forest edge habitats locally, but I don’t know if these birds are residents or on their way to points north in the US or Canada.

I have yet to capture really good images of the female, so will feature the male in this post.






All photos by NB Hunter

6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Treat: Grosbeaks

  1. One is in my backyard this spring, and I hope he will stay for awhile. In the past, they have moved on. One year a flock of yellow grosbeaks swarmed the feeder for two days and then left. I’ve never had that happen again.

    • Very true. This hobby has been instrumental in filling the retirement void, providing a new identity and, most importantly, purpose. Appreciate the comments. Thanks for visiting.

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