Vultures in the Sun

Recently I took an early morning trip to investigate a wetland natural area and discovered Turkey Vultures en route. At first the dark objects in the farm field ahead appeared to be Wild Turkeys, but as I got close enough to see spread wings it was clear that they were a flock of vultures preparing for flight.

They loafed around on the ground for perhaps an hour, some preening, some with spread wings. As the morning sun got higher and warmer, a single bird would occasionally take off, fly in a small, low circle, and rejoin the group on the ground, as though testing flight conditions and readiness. Eventually, all became airborne, soaring effortlessly out of sight.






Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “Vultures in the Sun

    • Yes, very common. There is an abundance of carrion along roadways and on dairy farms. It also appears that they are becoming increasingly tolerant of humans (e.g. roosting on roof tops – one of my earlier posts “Recent Bird Sightings May 10, 2013). Have you posted any photos of your tropical species?

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