At Water’s Edge: White-tailed Deer

A small stream that flows through nearby village and college properties is one of my favorite haunts. The site is accessible by trail and, though just a few acres in size, is ecologically rich.

I often look for herons, both the Green and Great Blue, when walking the floodplain nature trail. However, as is the case with many of my camera-toting excursions, it’s the unplanned surprises that become the signature events of the trip. In this instance, the surprise encounters involved White-tailed Deer.


White-tailed Deer in July; yearling buck in velvet and adult doe


White-tailed Deer in July; fawn, roughly 6 – 8 weeks old


Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

8 thoughts on “At Water’s Edge: White-tailed Deer

  1. These are beautiful – especially the fawn. I really like the way the stream contributes to the picture by reflecting the perfect likeness of the deer for your lens, When looking closely at the doe and yearling, their faces appear to be covered in flies. Looks like they might be getting lots of bites!

    • Thanks Chris. Agree – the stream landscape elevates otherwise ho-hum deer photos to special. And you’re right about the flies too – I watched a doe run a short distance into the woods the other day and am convinced she was annoyed/trying to escape deer flies!

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