A Cow and Her Calf

I suspect that some of my friends and followers, upon seeing my title, are expecting wild things, maybe a cow elk and her calf in a remote setting. On the contrary, this is about human-modified environments where elk disappeared long ago.

I have a soft spot for farm scenes in autumn. In Central new York, many farms are relatively small dairy operations, with varied topography, cover types and substrate. Intensely managed fields are typically interspersed with small woodlots, swampy habitats, fallow fields and non-tillable sites. All of this leads to rich, colorful landscapes when the foliage changes.


Morning fog

Over the next few weeks I plan to photograph and post some rural scenes. If I can capture and publish half of what is visible to my mind’s eye, I’ll consider the effort to be a success.


A cow and her calf (1 of 2)


A cow and her calf

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

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