A Stream in Autumn

Regardless of the season, I’m drawn to surface waters. The smaller, readily accessible waters like vernal pools, ponds, swampy places and streams are favorites.


Sugar Maple leaves on the surface of a small spring hole.

One of the more popular and scenic streams in Central New York is Chittenango Creek. Classified as a medium-size, fast-flowing trout stream, it originates in a large cedar swamp, tumbles over a 167-foot waterfall and ends up in a large lake. I’ve taken numerous photos of this waterway, some as recently as today, and will share the results.


Chittenango Creek





Chittenango Creek


Chittenango Creek waterfalls in Chittenango Falls State Park


Chittenango Creek waterfalls in Chittenango Falls State park


A small tributary to Chittenango Creek in Chittenango Falls State park

Photos by NB Hunter. ©  All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “A Stream in Autumn

    • Thanks Alison! I sometimes struggle to capture the true colors and contrasts in a fall scene but was pleased with the results in today’s shoot (all except the waterfalls pics). The rainy, overcast weather helped.

    • Thanks Tina. I’m fond of that shot too, in part because it is not the main attraction and is an overlooked gem along an unofficial side trail. I’m hoping to put together another post on fall landscapes but the wind and rain have moved in and have put everything on hold.

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