Autumn Scenes

Peak fall foliage, fall foliage festivals and leaf-peeping tourists characterize the Northeast landscape in September and October. In reality, I rarely see an actual peak where all of the stars align and the foliage colors are all brilliant and in sync. This year, for example, many of the Sugar Maples lost their leaves early, without fanfare, or are more brownish yellow than golden yellow. A warm dry spell followed by wind and rain is their excuse.


I ventured forth to do some leaf-peeping myself, mostly concentrating on rural landscapes, and have a few images that escaped the delete button.








Photos by NB Hunter. ©  All Rights Reserved.

8 thoughts on “Autumn Scenes

    • Thanks Jo. In this locale, finding a good panoramic scene with the right lighting, access and scarcity of undesirable elements is incredibly difficult and I’ll take any compliments with open arms!

      • Many Amish families have moved into this area and purchased farms in the last decade or so. I have some wonderful photos of young Amish men horse-logging on my friends property in winter (actually just the draft horses; the men did not want to be photographed 😦 but gave me the green light for the horses, which they were quite proud of!)

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