The First Snow

The first significant snowfall of the season is always exciting. It’s usually just a few inches, and gone within a few days, but it offers a fresh, new landscape that is rich in subject matter. Unlike mid-winter when landscapes tend to be monochromatic and lack visual variety, a snow-covered landscape in the fall provides a backdrop for colorful plants and all sorts of wildlife activity.

Although I’m currently preoccupied with following the White-tail rut, I couldn’t resist taking my camera for a walk on November 8, in the midst of our first snowfall of the season.


Wild Apple tree with persistent fruit


White-tailed Deer: A mature doe and her two fawns (1 of 2 images)



I featured Winterberry (Ilex verticillata ) in a recent post, but something was missing – winter!


Winterberry Holly


Winterberry Holly

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

10 thoughts on “The First Snow

  1. The snow certainly adds visual perspective to your shots! The winterberry look very Christmassy. It must be a call too for the deer to get along with their rutting routine with winter around the corner? Wonder if the population figures are healthy? Your previous post on the Shaking aspen is also gorgeously rich in autumn foliage … the seasons are advancing.

    • Thanks for the thoughts and feedback. You are so right about the effects of snow. I doubt I would have been inspired to take any of those shots without it. I might use the “Christmassy” Winterberry for a season’s greetings notecard to friends! I’ve spent well over a 100 hours in a tree stand, observing and hunting White-tails during pre-rut, rut and now post-rut. I now have a ground blind set up near a group of wild apple trees with persistent fruit. It will enable me to hide comfortably, set up a tripod and protect my gear from the elements. Hoping to get some intimate shots of deer feeding, possibly rutting; also whatever else wanders through – grouse, bunny, turkey, etc.

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