Morning Sun

A quick, mid-morning trip to a nearby marsh proved to be both relaxing and fruitful: photos of something old and something new, in solitude. Once there, I was wishing for more time and warmer field clothes.

En route, I spotted several Turkey Vultures perched high in a deciduous tree, blackish silhouettes positioned between me and the bright morning sun.  The day was warming up quickly and they were growing restless on their perches. Within a few minutes they soared overhead, disappearing high over the swamps and fields to the west.


I was headed for the marsh and ponds where the wild Mute Swan resides. I found it in an old beaver dam pool, feeding, preening and patrolling.


The swan eventually disappeared downstream, walking up over the abandoned beaver dam and slipping into the flooded cattails and pools below. Three Ring-necked Ducks soon appeared along the cattails, two males and a female.


My field trip ended on a good note ….


Song Sparrow

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


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