Willows in Sun and Rain

The wild willow shrubs (Salix spp.) are in full bloom. There are many species, their identification complicated by hybridization, but all have silky-hairy flower buds that give rise to an early spring bloom. As with the Glory-of-the-snow garden flower covered in a recent post, the early Willow bloom is a critical food source for bees and other insects.

One local species is fairly showy, displaying large buds and masses of pale yellow flowers that brighten up the monochromatic landscape of a wetland on a dark and dreary evening.


Willow shrub, buds bursting (19April2014)


Willow shrub, approaching full bloom (29April2014)

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Willows in Sun and Rain

    • Thanks Linda. I’m disappointed over the week of wind and cold rain, timed perfectly to coincide with our spring bloom. 😦 So, I decided I would try and capture something worthwhile in the hell and high water!!!!

  1. Seems it’s always possible to find the beauty if we look hard enough! These are gorgeous! I think our pussy willows are way past done. Somehow I didn’t manage to catch them this year.

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