A Back-lit Day

The better part of my Mother’s Day walks were spent looking into the sun, sometimes by design, but often due to circumstances beyond my control. Needless to say, the effects were transformative and the experience enlightening!!!


Red Squirrel (hiding from me)


Marsh Marigold


Warbler (foraging for insects on the new foliage of Sugar Maple)


Marsh Marigold


Birch tree and clouds in evening sun


Red Trillium


Black Willow trees (light green color) in a wetland

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “A Back-lit Day

    • I here ya. When I see an intoxicating scene like that, I have to try and immortalize it, no matter how many images/posts in the archives! Sometimes redundancy is OK.

    • I’m fascinated with the brokeh effect. I don’t often plan it, but recognize (stumble into) potential scenes and experiment. Good composition is a bear to capture (I’m all too familiar with bad brokeh!). I love the uncertainty and surprise endings of it all – brokeh shots keep me guessing until they appear on the big screen. When it works, the process is kinda magical and mysterious, which leads me to your comment — I can relate. Thanks for the insights.

      • Ha, I just realized we both misspelled bokeh. I have a nursery in my area called Boka Farms and that is what I mindlessly typed. I do that with Lockwood Nursery and Longwood Gardens. Spring is hectic in my line of work.

      • Thanks. At least you have a good excuse. I’m embarrassed to say that I actually checked the spelling before writing my comment! Strangely, my mind insists on sticking an “r” in there, even against my will! Same thing tends to occur when I talk about it. 🙂

      • I completely understand the nature of your work and wish you luck this season. One of my best friends teaches floral design, plant materials identification, hort business, etc. at Morrisville State College. When i worked there, my responsibilities included arboriculture/urban forestry and I had close ties to the green industry. I also have a brother who has been in the landscape design/contracting business for 20 years. In fact, when he worked in the Philadelphia area he did a big display at Longwood Gardens.

      • Very cool that your brother did design work there. I love the gardens, so amazing. I will be back there next week. Each May I go back “home” and always stop in at all the famous gardens. South east PA has so many places to visit

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