Young Red Squirrels

Three juvenile Red Squirrels – about a third the size of their parents – have discovered the bird feeders and no doubt concluded that this habitat is the key to a long and happy life. Yesterday they fed off and on all day long, in the rain, and I just couldn’t say no to the photo op.


Two of the young squirrels made their way to the same grain pile and tensions mounted. One chattered incessantly, apparently to claim the feed and intimidate its sibling into moving elsewhere.


The feeding stopped, they posed like tightly coiled springs, and…


All I remember is taking pictures of a brownish furry ball flying every which way but loose!


Sibling rivalry and pecking order settled, they continued feeding.


Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

7 thoughts on “Young Red Squirrels

  1. This is great. I do like our squirrels, but I hope they don’t homestead in the attic. Under the woodpile is just fine, but as I am often reminded, the attic is not good.

    • Thank you Marco, for the visit and follow as well as the nice comment. I’m thrilled to have made this connection and look forward to following your work in the future. I have been associated with wildlife personally and professionally for 45 years and have not seen wildlife photography any better than your superb kingfisher and owl images. From an amateur photographer’s point of view, my first reaction to your posts was “How in the world did he DO that???!!!”.

      • Not a problem Sir, and thank you for following my site also 🙂 … You also have a stunning site and I’ll also be checking it out regularly

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