Pennants in the Wind

This is a common scene in meadows on warm summer days: a Pennant dragonfly, perched on a stalk of grass in a field of goldenrod, constantly adjusting its position in response to a slight breeze.







Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


9 thoughts on “Pennants in the Wind

    • Thanks Donna. I think they’re my favorite too – the golden color in the sun and the balancing act on a stalk of grass waving around in a breeze are a real treat. And, you have to love a critter that is not only approachable, but performs so well in front of a camera! I wonder why you’re not seeing as many; habitat change — or loss?

      • They are just more rare than other dragonflies. I only saw one last year. Maybe it is loss of habitat since dragonflies are territorial. Like you, I love that golden color in the sun.

  1. Looks like he(?) is doing sign language, maybe telling you something? Also, second one reminds me of a wind mill. Very nice as usual.

    • Thanks Tina. Agree – there is definitely a windmill pose in the mix, which is my favorite. And you might be right about the signing, maybe telling me to quit goofing off and get back to work!? Reminds me of the wireless commercial where the guy’s wife is a puppet and she’s prancing around in her night gown, saying “how’s this?” “how about this?”

  2. Gorgeous shots, Nick – a subtle pleasing bokeh. Intriguing to see the angle of the wings adjusting to the moving perch. Such scenes bring to mind biomimicry, and the nature inspired adaptions of design used for wind turbines. Those wings are a marvel.

    • Prior to my serious photography phase, I thought I had seen just about everything in this neck of the woods. Sitting in a meadow watching and photographing this incredibly complex, yet fluid, response of wings and body to an unstable perch reminded me that I was dead wrong. Thanks for the great feedback Liz. If someone asks why I bothered to create this post, my response would be “read the comment from Nature on the Edge”.

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