Summer Portraits: Mammals




Cottontail Rabbit (1 of 3)




Red Squirrel (1 of 2)



White-tailed Deer; mature bucks in velvet

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


8 thoughts on “Summer Portraits: Mammals

  1. Lovely to see the close-up details, those sensitive whiskery, twitchy noses, the climbing tackle in those claws, light fluffy tails for balance, best of all though I like the term for the mature male deer ‘ being in velvet’.

    • I had second thoughts about doing a wordless post, but your splendid description covered it nicely and alleviated all guilt (actually lured me into revisiting my own post!)

    • Thanks Donna. Sometimes I simply need to go with the flow and have fun, saving the big field trips and challenges for another time. Small mammals rarely disappoint!

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