Late Summer Colors

The delicate spring ephemerals like trillium and bloodroot might get more attention, but late summer wildflowers put on quite a show and often provide multiple rewards. Joe-Pye weeds (Eupatorium), goldenrods (Solidago) and asters (Aster) are dominant late summer bloomers that attract a multitude of insect life, to the point that a summer meadow hums like distant traffic. Of these three groups, Joe-Pye Weed is the first to reach full bloom and is a butterfly magnet!


Sulphur on Joe-Pye Weed


Fritillary on Joe-Pye Weed


Monarch on Joe-Pye Weed


Tiger Swallowtail on Joe-Pye Weed


Fritillary on Joe-Pye Weed


Painted Lady on Joe-Pye Weed

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

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