August Hummers


Like most birders around the world, I’m fascinated by hummingbirds and love watching them. Early August – about a month before their southern migration – is my favorite time to observe and photograph: populations have peaked, natural food sources like Touch-me-not, Bee Balm and Cardinal Flower are blooming, and, last but certainly not least, I have an opportunity to visit a friend who attracts huge numbers of hummingbirds. It’s not unusual to see 20 or 30 birds at his two feeders at one time, an incredible scene that is not unlike a swarm of giant bees (see my post from 2013 for details and photos: ).

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, females and juveniles, visiting a sugar-water feeder:




Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, females and juveniles, visiting a native wildflower (Cardinal Flower).



Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.





7 thoughts on “August Hummers

  1. I haven’t found a good spot since I moved, but we used to put out four feeders at the old house where we could watch. Seems we have one species that sticks around throughout the year, but there’s also an influx of a migrant species that had me filling the four feeders (four quarts worth) daily. The migrants were a very feisty bunch with lots of fighting and feuding. One bunch was Anna’s and the other Ruby Throated, but I can’t remember which of them was our locals.

    • Thanks! These photo shoots really push me to the edge …sometimes I just have to put the camera down and absorb the moment. Regarding speed – this year I decided to try something different (I’m never quite sure what to do when looking at a swarm of hummers). Instead of turning myself, and my camera, inside out to capture the speed, I backed off and went for a soft blur, with side-lighting for special effects. I was more or less pleased with the results….but, God willing, will have to experiment again next year.

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