Deer and Apples


Think about it – how would you eat an apple if you had no front teeth on your upper jaw, and couldn’t just “take a bite”? White-tailed Deer have a solution: maneuver the apple into the back of your mouth and crunch it up with your molars. This method can be awkward, occasionally hilarious, but it works!







Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “Deer and Apples

    • You got it! A twig browsed by a bunny has a clean, diagonal cut, like it was made with a utility knife. A twig browsed by a deer is rough because it was torn or ripped. The lower incisors and hard upper palate in the front of a deer’s mouth are most efficient when they’re foraging on succulent foliage (like the stuff in your garden). 🙂

      • Our deer population became unmanageable when they clear cut the tree farms all around us. The slash burns and weed killer wiped out most of the stuff they normally browse (to help the newly planted trees to grow). That was when the deer moved in and wiped out nearly anything green at our place (even the stuff they weren’t supposed to be fond of). About the only things that survived were the daffodils and the dandelions. As previously mentioned, the fruit trees were pretty much ravaged, too. 😦
        But the fawns are still darned cute!

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