Clearwing Moths

Something is missing from the meadows and the many blooming wildflowers that define them in late summer: butterflies. So, Plan B – cultivated Phlox around the house.

A common, reliable summer visitor, the Hummingbird Clearwing is a daytime moth that hovers and feeds like a hummingbird.



Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “Clearwing Moths

  1. These guys used to visit our 4 o’clocks in the evening. The first time one buzzed me, it spooked me. I thought it was some monster insect after me. Amazing catch… I think I’m even seeing some pollen dusting the head in the second shot.

    • Thanks … for your thoughts as well as the visit. The action shot is my favorite too…it’s easy enough to capture this creature in action, but extremely difficult to get what you want! I took a peak at your site and will definitely be back for a closer look.

      • Are they native to the UK? Pretty sure I’ve seen a couple in Spain. I really enjoyed looking around your site, just having a closer look now! Thank you Nick!

      • Not sure about clearwings, but I believe something similar occurs in that part of the world – a hummingbird hawkmoth (wings aren’t clear).

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