Avian Anomaly

Flocks of “barnyard” pigeons ((Rock Pigeon, Rock Dove, Domestic Pigeon) are common residents on most farms in the area, but I never see pigeons around our house or bird feeders.

At the start of yesterday’s morning trail walk, a gray, sun-lit object in the middle of the trail startled me. I approached, shooting as I went, thinking it might be an injured animal. Turns out it was a pigeon — but not just any pigeon.


It was a tame bird, allowing me to get within 3 or 4 meters before it flew. The flight was graceful and swift, leaving no doubt as to its health.

Just before lift-off, the legs became visible and I was able to capture an image of the legs bands, one with the codes “1F” and “NWC”……


If anyone can elaborate on this sighting, particularly the meaning of the band colors and codes, your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

An answer just arrived: IF = International Federation and NWC = Northwest Club (based in Massachusetts/USA). The blue band is a microchip/flight recorder. It’s a racing pigeon!

Photos by NB Hunter. All Rights Reserved.

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