Making Hay

Most of the photos of deer in recent posts were taken in three large hay fields, fields that had been cut earlier in the summer and were now loaded with succulent new growth. I was seeing 20 to 30 deer that were very tolerant of humans (in motion) and vehicles.

On my latest visit, I discovered a very different landscape – the fields had been cut and the hay wind-rowed. Deer were few and far between, a fraction of the normal numbers.


The deer that I did see were nervous and spooky in a habitat that had changed drastically, virtually overnight. Even though the uncut hay had offered little cover, unless they were bedded down in it, they seemed to feel exposed and vulnerable in the stubble.




Within a few minutes, I was abandoned, alone with my thoughts, amazed at how suddenly and unexpectedly a photo opportunity can materialize …. or vaporize!

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

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