October Trout Water

Central New York is blessed with an abundance of wetlands and surface waters – and accessible public lands where these liquid treasures can be fully appreciated throughout the year.

One such place is Chittenango Falls State Park, a quiet, rural park with a cold, freestone stream and waterfalls within its boundaries.







Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “October Trout Water

    • I’ve visited the falls several times a year, with Environmental Science students as well as solo, for 25 years. But, I have not been on site in winter. Decades ago 2 students fell to their death when ice climbing the falls and, since then, the falls have been off limits in winter. I must get permission to go in with the camera and capture the ice scene! I’m about 10 miles from Clockville. Got to know the area while serving on the Madison County Parks Commission and helping out with the management of Oxbow Falls and Nichols Pond County Parks.

      • Stretching for the memory … I’m pretty sure it was early 80’s when I saw the falls on a visit to my parents, who lived in Chenango County at the time. My brief tenure in Clockville was in 86, before a transfer to Binghamton, just when I’d gotten settled after a move from N. Syracuse.

    • Interesting comment…I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that point of view…. and I couldn’t agree more. I love everything about small streams and bubbling brooks and go out of my way to stop the action – spray, bubbles, eddies, swirling currents, etc. – because those features are the essence of the scene!!! When creating this latest post I was frustrated with the waterfall shots because the water was in dark shade and I couldn’t capture/freeze/highlight the action as I would have liked. The falls faces north, which is a nasty photographic challenge.

      • Seems that in 75% of all my attempts at a special shot (total novice, cheap camera) the light is not in my favor. Now that you mention it, from my vague memory of being there, I would have guessed that fall was running north.

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