Crazy Weather

I left the house for an afternoon walk knowing that it was highly unlikely that I would intercept rutting deer sprinting around in their winter coats. It was 60 degrees – a 30 degree temperature swing since my snow post 3 days earlier!

I jokingly said that a butterfly sighting was more likely than a deer sighting.

This is my first sighting ever of a butterfly in mid November.


Red Admiral Butterfly 11/11/14

Wildlife, mostly deer, rabbits and squirrels, have been eating wild apples for almost two months now. Trees with persistent fruit are few and far between.


A persistent Wild Apple 11/11/14

When freezing temperatures arrive, frogs in shallow pools like this one will hibernate under water, in the organic muck at the bottom. Survival of these cold blooded amphibians in the dead of winter hinges on a slowed metabolism, stored fat and the diffusion of oxygen through moist skin. However, unusually warm, sunny weather can alter that behavior, bringing them up for a breath of fresh air.


Frog surfacing in a shallow pool 11/11/14

English Oak is best know as an ornamental, landscape tree. It performs well in this area and produces large, nutritious acorns that are devoured by deer, squirrels, turkeys and other wildlife species. This tree has been cultivated in a natural, wild setting in order to augment acorn production from native Red Oaks.


English Oak 11/11/14

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.




5 thoughts on “Crazy Weather

    • Thanks! And I really appreciate your nice comments. I looked at those leaves several times over the last week or so and couldn’t figure out what to do with them. Then I instinctively just took a couple of shots with the wrong lens at the wrong time of day (??) and got what I wanted. Go figure. 🙂

  1. This is really nice. Often when I walk/hike I am looking down. I look down because I want to make sure of my footing. However, the English Oak leaves remind me that I should look up more. Also, I like the persistent apple. It is starting to shrivel but it is still hanging on…
    Nice reminder for us all!

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