It’s Freezing!

We’ve escaped the blizzards and heavy snowfalls pummeling areas to the west and north, but it has been unusually cold for this time of year: 10 degrees F this morning, excluding a nasty wind chill.

A short hike along the edge of a small, hemlock-cedar swamp revealed the formation of thin ice, some greenery above and below it, and crystalline highlights.


Snow crystals and a mossy stick, on ice 11/19/14


Fern, alive and well after days of sub-freezing temps 11/19/14

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.





7 thoughts on “It’s Freezing!

    • Thanks! Every time the temp drops, I make another trip to the attic for more winter gear…layers, wool, cammo, high tech, low tech, stuff that I actually need, stuff that never worked as advertised….bring it on! Now searching for cavity/den trees, inspired by Fisher tracks and a Screech Owl that came down the chimney and got trapped in the furnace duct work. The release was successful, but I would love to have a photo of that amazing little creature in a natural setting. Researching Screech Owl nest box design and will install a couple this spring.

    • Thanks Gunta. I’m really pleased with the likes for the fern shot. It was one of those days when very strong, black coffee by the wood stove would have been the choice of a wiser man, and I had no expectations!

  1. The photo of the fern is a very good example of the roller coaster ride the weather here in the northeast has been experiencing: One day still summer/fall and the next a blast of mid-winter. Good post…

  2. Good morning! I LOVE seeing photos of what I am missing……….do you want me to send you pictures from the beach??? You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Linda

    • Hello there. Of course I would like to see your beach pics. Vicarious pleasure can be helpful at this time of year! (and a little salt in the wound isn’€™t fatal). BTW, there is a guy doing world class bird photography down your way and I know you would enjoy his blog: Phil Lanoue Photography. His latest post on eagles is ridiculous.

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