Deer Habitat

The hunting season for deer is well underway and the survivors know the value of dense cover, especially during daylight hours.

This doe was feeding and resting in an old field habitat dominated by goldenrods (until they collapse under heavy snow) and thicket-forming shrubs. She was eating dried, persistent leaves (including blackberry leaves) and the small red berries of Multiflora Rose.


Young White-tailed Deer feeding and bedding in dense cover (goldenrods, Multiflora Rose, Buckthorn, dogwoods, Viburnums, White Ash seedlings, other) 20Nov2014


Multiflora Rose fruit in winter; this is an invasive species

Photo by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


8 thoughts on “Deer Habitat

  1. This is a great photo. I loved all the browns and grays in the winter landscape. A perfect background for the deer in the snow. I also hope the deer keep eating the Multiflora Rose fruit, but maybe not too much. Birds like them too…

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