Calm Before the Storm

A serious coastal storm is approaching, bringing rain, then a couple of days of heavy, wet snow. Animals sense these events and react instinctively.

This doe and button-buck fawn, captured yesterday afternoon about 24 hours prior to the storm’s arrival, were at rest, grooming and chewing their cud. As is the case with cattle, sheep, antelope, elk and other ruminants, the complex, 4-part stomach of deer enables them to eat a wide variety of food, including woody twigs, in a short period of time, then seek cover from threats like coyotes and severe weather. While at rest, the consumed food, fermenting in the stomach by microbial action, is then regurgitated as cud and chewed again to improve digestion and complete the process.

Deer8Dec14#010E3c4x6 Deer8Dec14#022E2c4x6

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Calm Before the Storm

  1. Hope the storm isn’t too radical. Meanwhile that chewing of the cud looks so docile, nature finds the right solutions, right?! Recently watched a delightful documentary on the Zanibar red colobus monkeys which adapted to their island vegetation by way of a four stomach system. Take life long and slow with all that vegetating and methane expulsion 🙂

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