Waterfowl in Winter: Mergansers

The gloomy, overcast weather lingering over Central New York has driven me to my archives in search of something seasonal to perk up my blog. I’ve had a lot of fun observing ducks, geese and swans in their winter habitats and decided to share some of those memories.

I’ll begin with American (or Common) Mergansers on local surface waters. These are streamlined, narrow-billed ducks that dive for fish.





Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Waterfowl in Winter: Mergansers

    • Glad you liked them. I’m partial to the snowy shots too. They have a story all their own and can be a real challenge, I was caught off guard with that shot and had to stay on AF — it was whirling around all over the place, confused by the large flakes. Got lucky. Plan to include a few more snowy scenes in the follow-up post(s). Thanks!

  1. These are wonderful shots! I also especially like the one in falling snow., though I wouldn’t have realized they stay north at this time of year. I never saw Mergansers all the years I lived in upstate NY – maybe I wasn’t paying attention enough back then 😉

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