Waterfowl in Winter: Dabbling Ducks

The second post in my 3-part series on “Waterfowl in Winter” features two species of dabbling ducks: Mallards and Black Ducks. Unlike the diving mergansers in my last post, dabbling ducks splash around near the surface of the water, often turning upside down, as they forage on aquatic vegetation.


Mallards feeding in a snowstorm


Mallards, hen and drake


Mute Swan guarding open water; mallard hen


Black Duck


Mute Swan and Black Ducks


Mallard hen

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.






5 thoughts on “Waterfowl in Winter: Dabbling Ducks

    • My thoughts exactly. When watching these guys in winter (I’m all bundled up and still cold), I often think about – and envy – their adaptations; what’s it like to swim, dive and bob around in ice water when the air temp/wind chill is 30 or 40 degrees F below freezing, and feel no discomfort?!!! I had similar thoughts last winter when watching snowy owls perching on fully exposed telephone poles during brutal conditions in the dead of winter. Amazing. Appreciate the visit Liz.

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