Resident Geese

The large numbers of nonmigratory Canada Geese in Central New York are as much a part of our winter landscape as the corn fields that sustain them.


This morning I watched as two flocks, about 150 geese in all, flew overhead in a northerly direction. They hadn’t lost their bearings at all: their destination was harvested corn fields and waste grain, not a warmer, southern climate.




Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “Resident Geese

  1. These photos are really great…I like everything but I particularly like the shots showing the blue hazy mountains in the distance…those two shots are so central NY state…

    • Thanks Jim. To date, that post is my favorite for winter 2014-2015. A large flock in a field isn’t unusual, but it is extremely difficult to capture an entire flock behaving naturally, with a clean, appealing backdrop. I’ve started to shoot more from hilltop sites to avoid the human clutter below and sometimes it works.

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