Winter Scenes

I was on the road early this morning, lured by sunlight, a partially clear sky, and the dream of another encounter with a Snowy Owl. I couldn’t find an owl to save my life and shifted to Plan B: become a generalist, an opportunistic predator, and try to capture anything of interest within my field of view!.


Common Crow


Round hay bales and drifted snow


Cottontail Rabbits foraging in a fence row thicket


Small freestone stream

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


11 thoughts on “Winter Scenes

  1. Beautiful in flight shot of the crow. It is interesting to see some of the different adaptations like the much shorter ears on the rabbits in your photos. Couldn’t help but think of frosted pastries looking at the snowy hay bales. 🙂

    • Hmmmmmmm. The hay bales elicited an emotional response that I couldn’t quite explain, but had to capture anyway. Now I know what was going on! That scene is yet another disappearing landscape. I saw hundreds of bales that day, and those in my photo were the only ones that weren’t bubble-wrapped in shiny white poly…a functional but incongruous landscape feature that I wish would go away. I’m not too familiar with the ecology of your ecosystem, but I have my “Mammals of North America” open and think you’re looking at Jackrabbits, which are related to cottontails, but also distinctly different – i.e. long ears! Thanks for all of the nice comments Alison.

    • Thank you very much! My system is relatively cheap, simple and lightweight, something that reflects my moving, still-hunting style; retired educator income bracket; and amateur status. Most of my wildlife photography is done with a Nikkor 70-300 mm lens on a Nikon D7100. I steady the system as necessary, but my panned action shots are usually hand-held. Needless to say, my subjects need to be fairly close and in good light. E.g. The crow was feeding in corn stubble at about 30 or 35 meters when I surprised it and captured the escape flight. If it had been much farther away, I would not have taken the shot.

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