Winter Birds: Jays

I love blue with white, especially in winter, and offer a different perspective on the noisy, ubiquitous Blue Jay — bathed in sunlight and sprinkled with snow dust:



Photos by NB Hunter. ©  All Rights Reserved.


11 thoughts on “Winter Birds: Jays

    • Thanks Alison. I had to Google Stellar’s Jay to learn more. The darkish color no doubt increases survival in dense western coniferous forests, but it won’t win a beauty contest!

    • Thanks! My favorite too. There is a large oak tree where the jays sometimes perch to check things out before gliding in for a meal. I try to watch the descent in my peripheral vision and time the shot … once in a while I get lucky. 🙂

    • Thanks. The combination of colors and snow dust is indeed hard to resist! Yes, we’re having an unusually cold winter. Just a handful of days above freezing since the first of the year. The snow – about 15 inches – is powdery, with no base. That is very unusual and makes for difficult snow travel. I was on snowshoes for several hours today, packing trails for easier access in the future. It was hard work!

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