Birds in a Blizzard: Cardinals

I was up on the roof this morning, chipping ice and shoveling thigh-deep snow in anticipation of the next blast of arctic weather. It arrived this afternoon, and the resident birds swarmed the feeders in response. I photographed some, missed many – in part because the auto-focus couldn’t handle the heavy, falling snow and white-outs.






Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


7 thoughts on “Birds in a Blizzard: Cardinals

  1. Hit the spot with these gorgeous bird shots, Nick. Gorgeous colours against the contrasting background. Can’t imagine dealing with such arctic conditions. Amazing scenes up on the media such as Niagra falls frozen- so very scenic, but must be a challenge

  2. These photos are great. It looks like a “Merry Christmas” all over again—or, perhaps a “happy Valentines Day”… Definitely photos to cheer up a cold winter’s day.

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