Snowy Landscapes

As is often the case with a narrow band of “lake-effect” snow, today’s weather was a mix of snow squalls and sun. This might be the type of weather that gave rise to the notion that it is wise to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.


Cardinal during a lake-effect snowstorm; 2/25/15

When it looked like the bright skies might outlast the squalls, I took a short, scenic drive to bring myself up-to-date on the local snow conditions and wildlife coping strategies.


Deer traveling between thickets of food and cover on the sunny, lee side of windswept farmland


Deer “yarding” in a sheltered, lowland habitat dominated by Northern White Cedar and Eastern Hemlock; cedar (at left in photo) is a preferred winter food


Back-lit Sugar Maple on on the edge of a pasture

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


3 thoughts on “Snowy Landscapes

  1. A good day to drive! I love that old adage…” hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” That could be my motto as that’s me in life. 🙂
    I love, love, love your Cardinal image! We don’t have them where I live. One day I hope to travel where they are and photograph them myself.

  2. Lake effect snow and sunshine! that is just what we like. Well, maybe, at this point in the winter the lake effect could stop. However, the photo opportunities seem endless. What a great way to enjoy an otherwise winter of challenging weather..

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