Late Winter Faces

Many wildlife stories are unfolding in Central New York as the deep snow and unprecedented cold weather persist.  For now, I’ll pretend the glass is half full, rather than nearly empty, and present selected images from February 28 through today.







Photos by NB Hunter. © ,All Rights Reserved.

12 thoughts on “Late Winter Faces

    • Thanks. At the advice of a friend, I’m reading “Desert Solitaire – A Season in the Wilderness” (E. Abbey) as a counter measure to sustain me through snow melt!

  1. The weather may be wicked, but you’ve captured some truly remarkable photos. I spent a bit of time enjoying that first one, the way the two heads are lined up!

  2. Nick, we are really enjoying your nature pics and comments. Very impressed. Especially liked the two deer on March 5, titled Late Winter Faces. Outstanding

    • Surprise, surprise!!!! Two of my all-time favorite people… enjoying the fruits of my labors!!! Made my day, and I sincerely hope that you are well and continue to follow. Thank you.

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