Foggy Surprise

Melting ice, open water and the spring migration have rekindled my interest in ponds and wetlands. I saw no migrating waterfowl this morning, but was treated to a low fog layer, nestled in over one of my favorite ponds.


Foggy Morning on Woodman Pond (1 of 2)


Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

5 thoughts on “Foggy Surprise

    • Thanks Donna. Agree, they’re special. Similar to a sunrise or sunset – ephemeral, dynamic and full of surprises. Also, that narrow window of opportunity can be frustrating!

    • Like that phrase. When I first appeared on site, I could see nothing and AF failed. As the fog dissipated, the geese appeared – in an eerie, ghostly kinda way. I wanted to do more with the scene, but a few minutes after my last shot the magic was gone.

  1. Beautiful! There’s so much serendipity with mist – you’re either there at the right time, nor you’re not! I learned this myself only recently.

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