April Journal: Day One

We’re a week into the spring season and warm breezes are finally altering the winter landscape. And none too soon.

Deer, now somewhat mobile on top of packed snow, have been searching for anything edible in backyards, snow-free fields and woodlots.


Button buck (10 months old) at a bird feeder


Deer feeding on open ground; 700 acre Morrisville Swamp in the background


Button buck browsing on residue from apple tree pruning; he walked in to feed before I had left the site

Waterfowl are crowding onto open water and, like the deer, seeking open feeds to forage in.


Canada Geese (and other waterfowl) on ice and open water in a local wetland


Canada Geese en route to an open field to feed


Canada Geese foraging in a partially thawed and open field

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.