Cottontail Behavior: Nursing Female

I’ve been bumping into this Cottontail a lot lately. I usually see her in late afternoon and evening as I’m working around a section of the yard that is bordered by dense shrub thickets and brush piles. The site is also high and dry and faces the morning sun – an ideal location for a Cottontail nest. Bunnies are generally active in low light or at night, but nursing females are apt to be seen any time of the day, grooming and foraging in close proximity to the nest.

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


8 thoughts on “Cottontail Behavior: Nursing Female

    • Thanks Alison. My all-purpose, walk and shoot lens — Nikon’s 70-300 mm, from both a kneeling and prone position. Nesting females tend to be more tolerant of me than normal so distance wasn’t an issue.

    • Thanks Liz. These backyard bunnies are unpredictable, but tend to tolerate me if I settle in and stop moving. No quick movements or loud noises allowed. This is especially true of nursing females. That said, they always have an eye and an ear locked in on me, and may bolt into the nearest thicket for no apparent reason!

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