Wild Turkey Hen

I really enjoy the colorful sights and sounds of songbirds, but don’t often have the unique close encounters that lead to good photos. Recently, I’d grown weary of trying to capture little birds with a little lens, all the while losing a considerable amount of blood to mosquitoes and black flies. Much to my relief, a new avian target and strategy surfaced: a 10 pound bird, less than 15 meters away, shoot-able from the kitchen window!

This bird, an Eastern Wild Turkey hen, is a familiar face. I’ve seen her several times on my nature trail and she’s been scratching around the flower gardens and bird feeders for about a week.

Unlike the cottontail featured in my last post, she has little tolerance for humans. The last time I surprised her on trail, she was nearly 100 meters from me and ran off like she’d been shot at — with a gun. In this photo, it was camera shutter noise that drove her away. I believe she’s nesting within a few hundred meters of the house and hope to see the whole family sometime soon – in late May or early June.

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


3 thoughts on “Wild Turkey Hen

  1. We’ve been meandering in some of our backwoods here lately and awhile back ran into a tom with his collection of hens. All the hens seem to have disappeared and we’re hoping to see the little ones soon.

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