Broken Water in Sunshine and Shadow

A recent trip to a nature center and wetland complex culminated with me blending into a small willow tree on the edge of the trail, doing my best Great Blue Heron imitation. One of my favorite places, this section of trail is a raised, earthen pathway passing through the quiet, motionless water of a shallow swamp. A small culvert pipe under the trail allows the passage of water, and critters, from one section of the swamp to the other.

It wasn’t long before a wake caught my attention: the telltale sign of a muskrat on the move. Its house was on the back side of an island on one side of the trail and it swam through the culvert pipe in order to graze on aquatic plants on the other side.

With a full belly, the muskrat returned to its house, giving me an opportunity to track its movement through sunshine and shadow and capture the beauty of its wake.

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


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