Bald Eagle Longevity

A headline in today’s Syracuse Post-Standard read “NATION’S OLDEST BANDED BALD EAGLE FOUND DEAD NEAR ROCHESTER”. He was 38 years old, with a numbered aluminum band on his leg to prove it. Wow!!! I had no idea that a wild and free eagle could defy such odds and survive for nearly four decades.

This amazing, record-setting bird was reportedly hatched in Minnesota in the late 70’s, banded, then transported to New York for the state’s Bald Eagle Restoration Program. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says old Number 03142 was apparently struck and killed by a motor vehicle while feeding on a dead rabbit.

From my archives (not #03142):

Bald Eagle scavenging a deer carcass

Photo by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


3 thoughts on “Bald Eagle Longevity

  1. I’ve been watching an bald eagle pair at a nest for over a year now and just recently, one of the pair looked absolutely mangled. I was afraid for his life, but since then it seems he has recovered. I’d love to have some notion of what might have happened to him. I have pictures, but have been reluctant to post them since he looked so awful when I first discovered his bedraggled look.

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