Young White-tails

The “resident” deer on my property include a mature doe and her two fawns. I bump into them about once a week, usually when working in the woods or walking my dog. They’re unpredictable, especially when I’m on foot: sometimes they scoot off into a thicket, sometimes they hold their position and wait for me to pass. On this occasion, I was on an off-road vehicle, hauling a utility trailer loaded with crushed stone for trail improvement and erosion control. The fawn was browsing trail-side, oblivious to the noisy putter and approaching vehicle. I happened to have the camera around my neck and, when I shut the machine off, the fawn’s curiosity gave me a nice photo op. This young white-tail is about seven weeks old.

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


7 thoughts on “Young White-tails

  1. They are so darned cute at that age. I came across a pair about the same age on the street where I used to live. Unfortunately I took too long scrambling for the camera and mom shooed them on up the hill. Gave me a dirty look, too!

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