Asters and Monarchs

Our late summer sequence of bloom in the wild finds goldenrods going to seed as asters reach full bloom. Coincidentally, this is when I’m most likely to see migrating Monarch butterflies. In a field of goldenrods and asters, they’ll usually be found feeding on the latter.

Aster in morning dew

Migrating Monarch feeding on asters (1 of 4)

Monarch and Aster

Monarch and Aster

Monarch and Aster

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.


7 thoughts on “Asters and Monarchs

    • I appreciate the feedback. With subjects like this, so often seen and photographed, I like to work beyond my comfort zone and see what happens. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised, sometimes I’m thankful for the Delete function and another day!

    • Thanks Gunta. I can always count on you for lively feedback! The header came from one of those shoots where things happen quickly and unexpectedly and instincts rule. I was pleasantly surprised with the capture. (A small beaver and large muskrat moving through dark water can be confusing — this one is a muskrat).

    • Thanks Jo. Interesting observation, similar to mine. I’ve been fascinated with butterflies for a long, long time but, prior to this shoot, did not realize that the dynamic wing positions were so beautifully contorted!

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