Red Maple

Red Maple, also called Swamp Maple or Scarlet Maple, is now in peak fall color and deserves a post all its own to showcase its brilliant palette.

“Red Maple is the light that brightens the fall color sky throughout the northern midwestern and northeastern states……the fall color can be so dazzling and ….. paints a picture that no master could duplicate…”   from the “Manual of Woody Landscape Plants” by M.A. Dirr

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

7 thoughts on “Red Maple

    • Thanks Alison. My pleasure. Want to devote another day to fall foliage – our aspens peak around Halloween – but, a cold front has brought rain and we might even see a little snow by the weekend. Orange and red leaves in snow?!!!

  1. Thanks for this shot of red. Here I thought that we mostly got yellow from the Quaking Aspen, but this last trip had me discovering Aspens sporting the full spectrum from green to yellow to orange to red (sometimes on the same tree). What’s up with that? I’m hoping to post some examples when I get to that part of the trip as I sort through quite a number of shots.

    • Interesting discovery of variation in aspen leaf color. Aspens in this neck of the woods are also predominantly yellow or golden yellow. I see individual leaves on the ground with a splash of orange but have never seen an entire canopy that is anything but yellowish. The plant breeders and nursery industry capitalize on this type of natural variation, developing cultivars that sell. Back to my post: all of the images are “wild” Red Maple trees and yellow is a very common fall color among them. Yet, red maple in the nurseries is marketed as “Scarlet Maple”, the red variety having been cultivated because that’s what people want. Landscape specimens of the maples, oaks and other species are often more attractive (flowers, fruit, and/or leaves, etc.) than wild plants for this same reason. Looking forward to seeing some images!

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