Flaming Foliage: the Peak!

Deciduous trees like White Ash, Red Maple and Yellow Birch initiate our fall foliage spectacle, while Quaking Aspen, Red Oak and others bring down the curtain – often aided by a thin but heavy layer of fresh snow. “Peak” foliage color, that brief period when panoramic views are most colorful and appealing to tourists, occurs somewhere in between. In Central New York, the timing and intensity of peak color is driven by one dominant species: Sugar Maple.

Locally, Sugar Maple foliage in the hills and farm woodlots peaked October 11 – 17, the approximate time frame that these images were recorded. Last night, a half inch of wet snow forced many leaves to the ground and moved us a bit closer to the next stage in the foliage festival: oak and aspen at Halloween!

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

5 thoughts on “Flaming Foliage: the Peak!

    • Thanks Alison. As you know, capitalizing on fleeting windows of opportunity can be a serious challenge, especially with the panoramic views. I feel fortunate to have captured a tiny sample of the glory for my post! Photographing fall foliage is a bit like photographing spring wild flowers — we need to be in all of the hot spots simultaneously!

    • Appreciate the visits and feedback Denise. I know what you mean about the closeups…I usually leave the house thinking “infinity” and end up shooting at my feet. Also enjoy your work and the opportunity to share and compare foliage shots from around the world. Thanks!

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