Panning for Landscape Gold

In my last post I indicated that our colorful sugar maple foliage had peaked and would quickly succumb to wind and rain, possibly some wet snow. I was wrong. The foul weather didn’t arrive, and this week was more spectacular than last! This is why I don’t like the term ‘peak foliage color”. Autumn presents a continuum of changes in the landscape, subject to all sorts of environmental variables. It is a dynamic that is best left uncategorized.

Farms and woodlots, with dominant Sugar Maple in the distance; 10/23/15

I was on the road early (10/23/2015), excited about the bright morning glow and clear skies. The target was Sugar Maple – I wanted another shot at it and was panning for landscape gold!

Photos by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

10 thoughts on “Panning for Landscape Gold

  1. Love these Nick and I totally agree! Someone mentioned that peak color happened a couple of weeks ago. But we have been blessed with a fabulous Fall and little wind and rain. I don’t remember any year when the colors have been so fabulous and have lasted so long! I love my drive home from work over Peterboro Rd. Every night this week I have been blessed with such beauty!

    • Thanks Lisa! Agree – have never seen better fall color in CNY. I’ve been all over the place this fall but didn’t cover your area – maybe I’ll check it out when the skies clear again.

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