Aspen Accents

In Central New York the bright yellows and golds of aspen leaves are most vivid around Halloween. I captured this stand along a favorite walking trail just before peak color, fearful that the weather might rule out a return visit and second chance.

Municipal trail; “Rails to Trails” program; Oriskany Falls, NY

Photo by NB Hunter. © All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Aspen Accents

  1. That’s the Aspen color I’m used to. I was very surprised to find a mix of oranges and reds during our trip to the SW mountains. The last town I lived in tried to convert a defunct rail line into a trail, but the farmers who had already appropriated the land (or added it to their pasture) fought it and won. Pity. That looks like such a marvelous place for walking trail.

    • Since you mentioned the mix of orange in aspen leaves I’ve been looking more closely at the aspen blog posts coming out of the West. It seems to be rather common and is easy on the eyes! These trail projects that preserve old rail lines and canal towpaths are historical and recreational treasures. And, talking from first hand experience, the volunteers that spearhead the preservation efforts are tireless workers who are networking, grant writing, organizing 24/7.

  2. This photo turned out really nice. With all the high wind and rain we have had over the past week I am surprised at how many trees still have their leaves… You captured the trail and tree perfectly.

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