Milkweed Finale

Milkweed along the weedy fence line of a horse pasture, the seeds blowing in the wind.

Photos by NB Hunter. ©  All Rights Reserved.


4 thoughts on “Milkweed Finale

    • Yes. They are the primary host plant for the Monarch caterpillar and have received much attention in recent years – e.g. citizen planting programs as part of a national effort to improve habitat and perhaps save the Monarch. This is the main reason I photographed and blogged milkweed this fall. It was on my mind and I wanted to contribute to the effort by showing the plant in a natural habitat setting.

  1. These are great. There’s a mythical creature sitting near the right edge of the middle shot! I noticed someone mentioned not having milkweed in the Willamette Valley. That confirms my suspicion that it isn’t common in western Oregon, but I did find some near our eastern border just this side of Idaho.

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